What are the Potentials and Requirements for AMRs in Europe?

Initial Situation

Our client, a US provider of Autonomous Mobile Robots wants to explore the European market for its autonomous mobile robot solutions, particularly focusing on autonomous forklift products. The company seeks to understand the potential and requirements for its offerings within key industry verticals such as automotive, manufacturing, and eCommerce/logistics.

Project History

Principle Analysis

  • Market Potential: We assessed where and what the potentials are for our client's solutions across Europe.

  • Market Fit: We evaluated whether the current product configurations meet the existing market requirements.

  • Market Entry Strategy: We explored strategies for tapping into these potentials effectively.

Potential Partners and Organizational Set-Up

  • Partnership Identification: Based on our initial analysis, we identified suitable partners in Europe to sell and service our client's autonomous forklift products.

  • Local Presence: We considered the feasibility of establishing a local branch office, including what such an office could look like under various scenarios.


  • Tailored Market Entry Strategy: Our client received a clear roadmap for entering the European market, ensuring that the solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of customers in automotive, manufacturing, and eCommerce/logistics sectors.

  • Strategic Partnerships and Local Setup: Strategic recommendations were made regarding potential partners and the structure of a local branch, if necessary, to best serve the European market. 

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