Harvesting the Future

The growing demand for sustainability and efficiency in agriculture is met with a dwindling labor supply. At the same time, the capablities of sensors and AI are increasing with astonishing speed. As a result, agricultural machinery is increasingly moving towards autonomy, enhanced performance, and improved precision. Many autonomous agricultural machines and robots (Agrobotics) have already moved beyond the prototype stage. Based on our long-standing experience in the field of mobile working machines, our team has systematically analyzed the innovations in the area of agrobotics and documented them in an extensive database.

In the next ten years, we're going to see more developments in agricultural technology than in the last five decades. This will have tremendous effects on machine designs and components.

In-Depth Analysis: The Current State of Agrobotics

Our database contains more than 200 autonomous agricultural machines and robots. In detail, there are:

45 Autonomous Tractors
87 Qutdoor platforms
30 Harvesters
15 Attachments
29 Drones

Scope and Structure of the Database

Agrobotics will create new machine types and categories. Our database is an essential resource for companies that serve this industry today or plan to do so in the future.

It provides you the following information. With our Location Intelligence Tool, you can also conduct regional analyses.

Screenshot Database
Information Scope
Location Intelligence Tool

Agrobotics Will Permanently Change Agricultural Technology

  • Autonomous tractors are gaining in importance and will increasingly substitute conventional tractors.

  • Implement manufacturers will become system providers. Equipped with appropriate sensors and intelligence, automated implements will be able to control the tractor and thus the entire process in the future. Tractor manufacturers will have to redefine themselves.

  • Harvesting machines face competition from providers of holistic crop production systems. Today, combine harvesters are still focused on further automation, but new designs are also expected.

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