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Mobile Working Machines

For more than a quarter-century, we have been leaders in market information on mobile working machines, offering companies detailed databases and bespoke market and technology studies. This long-standing expertise and comprehensive data are key to delivering dependable forecasts for the future.

How will Mobile Working Machines look by 2030?

Our comprehensive multi-client study delves into critical technologies shaping the future of mobile working machines. It consists of three parts:

Future Drives Technologies Database — This database gathers a comprehensive collection of data on machines with new drive concepts, providing a rich resource for technical insights and industry trends.

Future Drives Technologie Report — This report delves into the data from the database, analyzing developments in drive technology and electrification among leading machine manufacturers.

Potentials Database for Tailored Forecasts — Our potentials database allows our clients customized forecasts according to their specific strategic needs.

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Harvesting the Future

Autonomous agricultural machines and robots (Agrobotics) are set to revolutionize global agricultural technology and drive the future of mobile working machine development. Our comprehensive database on Agrobotics provides you with detailed information on over 200 companies and their autonomous machines. It encompasses a variety of equipment, including autonomous tractors, platforms, harvesters, drones, and attachments. This resource not only covers the current market status but also delves into the technologies employed in these innovations.

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The World’s Most Detailed Database on Mobile Working Machines

Gain unparalleled insights with our comprehensive database, featuring in-depth information on global and local manufacturers of:

  • Construction Machines

  • Agricultural Machines

  • Material Handling Equipment

Enhanced by our Location Intelligence Tool, this database offers detailed data and visual representations of company locations, providing critical support for market analyses and strategic planning.

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China is Germany's largest trading partner and yet seems very distant for many. The prevailing image of China in the West often obscures the perspective of what impulses to expect from the country. Since the establishment of our branch in Shanghai in 2011, we have consistently engaged with important trends in the local economy. Below is an overview of standard products through which we offer our clients a portion of our experience.

The World's Largest Market for Industrial Robots

China has been the leading global market for industrial robots since 2013, accounting for over 50% of sales in 2023. The nation aims to boost its industrial capacity, with robotics playing a key role. Increased expertise in robotics and a robust industrial sector offer substantial sales opportunities. China's advancements in sectors like battery production and photovoltaics are now influencing global practices. Additionally, competitive pricing due to subsidies and market competition will foster new robotics applications. Chinese companies are also targeting higher-priced markets in the US and EU. Given this dynamic market, precise information is vital.

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China’s Most Dynamic Industries for Production Technology

China's economic growth presents both opportunities and challenges for foreign suppliers of production technology. Our study focuses on the seven key industries:

  • Semiconductors

  • Automotive electronics

  • Battery making

  • Medical technology

  • Photovoltaics

  • Aerospace & aviation

  • 3C electronics.

We analyze growth trends, competitive dynamics, and political strategies, providing a clear view of the future landscape.

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From Copycat to the World's Innovation Engine

Join us for our seminar, "China: The Coming Innovation Superpower?" to understand the rapid growth of China's digital economy over the past decade, now the world's largest e-commerce market. We delve into China's ambitions in Artificial Intelligence, New Energy Vehicles, and more, contrasting its digital ecosystem with the U.S. and the EU. Our analysis also covers sectors like AI Chips, autonomous mobility, and healthcare. Discover the realities of China's technological advancements and their implications for global businesses.

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