How Do Electric Vehicles Change Production Technology?

Inititial Situation

Our client, one of the leading manufacturers of clamping technology in the world, wants to gain deeper insights into two particularly promising segments of the Chinese market for:

  1. Grippers in the new energy vehicle industry

  2. Electric grippers and their major sales markets.

Project History

For both of the segments mentioned above, the following information has been elaborated:

  • Total market size for grippers, differentiated into major subsegments, product categories and drive types

  • Recent growth and outlook until 2025

  • Key applications for specific industry segments and gripper types, including

    • Purchasing behavior of end customers and system integrators

    • Competitor information and segmentation (Key financials, product program, SWOT analysis)

    • Major system integrators for specific industries, segments and applications


  • Comprehensive information regarding the aforementioned aspects

  • Strategic recommendations regarding

    • Target markets,

    • Setup of sales organisation,

    • Localization and the future role of the Chinese branch within the global group corporation.

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