Target Identification and Transaction Support

Initial Situation

Our client seeks to expand its portfolio through strategic acquisitions in the fields of electronics and hydraulics. The objective is to identify potential acquisition targets that align with the client’s strategic goals and facilitate their integration into the client’s operations.

Project History

Target Identification

  • Market Analysis: We conducted a thorough analysis to identify companies within the electronics and hydraulics sectors that represent potential acquisition targets.

  • Candidate Presentation: We presented these companies to our client, collaboratively determining which candidates are most suitable for acquisition based on strategic fit and potential value.

Transaction Support

  • Engagement Strategy: We approached the identified potential companies to gauge their interest in being acquired by or partnering with our client.

  • Acquisition Assistance: We supported our client throughout the acquisition process, offering guidance on negotiations, due diligence, and integration planning.


  • Strategic Acquisitions: Our efforts resulted in the identification of several key targets, leading to successful negotiations and ongoing acquisitions.

  • Enhanced Portfolio: The client successfully expanded its capabilities in electronics and hydraulics, strengthening its market position and enhancing its product offerings.

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