System Integrators Body in White, Assembly and Marriage

Initial Situation

A German car manufacturer wants to gain a better overview of potential partners for body-in-white, assembly and marriage from China for its future capacity expansion.

Project History

  1. Research and Identification: Conducted thorough research leading to the identification of 51 system integrators, including both domestic and international entities within China.

  2. Evaluation: Systematically analyzed and documented key areas such as:

    • Technological capabilities

    • Experience as general contractors

    • Customer base insights

    • Engineering expertise

    • Proficiency in English

    This evaluation was carried out through comprehensive desk research and targeted interviews.


  • Landscape Overview: Developed a detailed and comprehensive overview of the system integrator landscape in the relevant fields, enabling informed analysis and decision-making.

  • Shortlist Creation: Generated a shortlist of particularly suitable partners, tailored to the specific needs and future goals of the client.

  • Decision-Making Support: Enhanced decision-making security for the client, ensuring confidence in the selection process and future partnerships.

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