Multi Client Study26.06.2023

Future Drive Technologies for Mobile Working Machines

Alternative drives for mobile machinery already have a long tradition. For example, the Josef Vögele company (now John Deere) in Mannheim presented a diesel-electric asphalt paver as early as 1997. At that time, it was far ahead of its time. Ten years later, Deutz AG presented a hybrid drive for a wheel loader at Bauma in Munich. Another 10 years later in 2017, Volvo presented its all-electric EX02 compact excavator, which did completely without hydraulics.

As part of a global market and technology study, we already comprehensively worked on future drive technology for mobile machines in 2018.

In the meantime, current research shows that mobile machines with new drive concepts have become significantly more important and are already in use. There are different reasons for this. For example, construction companies have to use machines with CO2-free drive solutions. Otherwise, they will only be given secondary consideration when awarding contracts.

We decided to relaunch this study last year and met with a positive response from our customers.

Our current study is essentially divided into three parts:

1. Database

With our current study, we offer you a comprehensive database of machines with new drive concepts in the following areas:

•      Construction machines:          85 companies with 262 machines

•      Agricultural machines:            90 companies with 122 machines

•      Material handling equipment:  42 companies with 149 machines

The database is structured in Excel format and can be filtered and sorted according to machines and other technical criteria.

2. FDT Report

Motivation and background

Future mobile machines will have to face a changed environment. More than 100 cities now want to get rid of CO2 emissions This development will not only impact road traffic but also construction machinery, which causes a large proportion of emissions.

New machines

We analyze key advancements and innovations from relevant machine manufacturers and present their machines with prime mover, driving, and working functions in detail. 

Our report provides the following:

·        Important information about innovations and developments from relevant machine manufacturers.

·        Presenting in detail their machines with a prime mover, driving, and working functions.


OEMs are highly dependent on the support of their suppliers when developing new machine concepts. In a further step, the developments on the engine side will be analyzed, and it will be shown which drive concepts (battery-electric drive, fuel cell, hydrogen engines) can be expected in the future.

Whereas electrification has focused chiefly on replacing the diesel engine with electric drives, drive and work functions must be more efficient. Here, the latest developments on the part of hydraulics are analyzed and presented.

On the drive side, electric drives will be on the rise and will displace existing hydrostatic drives. Here, essential developments of the established and new providers are analyzed and presented.

3. Forecast

For almost 20 years, we have been offering a comprehensive worldwide database on manufacturers and the production of mobile machines. This database provides a basis for making forecasts about future machine development. It can also be used to precisely estimate the technologies used (main drives, travel drives, and work functions).


This study offers a comprehensive knowledge of future machines and the technology used. Within the framework of a workshop, which we provide in connection with this study, we can work with you to develop a scenario for your company and present the potential for your company with you, point out opportunities and risks, and develop the necessary measures.


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