Our Multi-Client-Studies provide in-depth insights into the analyzed areas. The results are based on secondary market research as well as interviews with experts in sales, development and strategy at machine manufacturers and industry association representatives.

Depending on the scope of the analysis, the studies generally provide the following information:

  • Macro overview of analyzed markets, past and current development
  • Market structure (market shares, domestic/foreign companies, etc.)
  • Production volumes per sector, per machine type and per manufacturer
  • Company profiles of relevant equipment manufacturers with production facilities, employees, revenues, product program
  • Industry and technology trends
  • Forecast for specific industries and subsectors, taking into account external influences etc.

Supplier companies get a valuable information tool for market cultivation at hand, which allows them to get a clear picture of the markets analyzed and the companies within review present sales activities in an appropriate way contact new customers immediately

Investors and machine manufacturers get an overview of market trends and competitor activities in a quick and efficient way.