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Future Drive Technologies for Mobile Working Machines 2020/2025


Our company has been working in the field of mobile working machines with technologies such as hydraulics, electrics, drive technology, sensors, controls, and electronics for more than 22 years. About a decade ago, we conducted the first studies on hybrid and electric drive technologies in this field.

From recent analyses, we expect far-reaching changes in the drive technologies used in mobile working machines. For this reason, we conducted a new multi-client study on future drive technologies in this segment.

This globally-oriented market and technology study analysed the following drive technologies:

  • Hydraulic/Electro-hydraulic drive technology
  • Electric drive technology
  • Hybrid technology including energy storage (electric/hydraulic) systems
  • Combustion engines (diesel, gas) and fuel cells


Objective and important questions

In this study, we analysed, which power, drive and work technologies and auxiliary solutions will be used in the medium and long-term in mobile working machines. The analysis was based on expert interviews with OEMs and suppliers, visits to trade fairs and symposia as well as on comprehensive desk research.

The guiding questions are: 

  • What are the drivers for the application of new technologies, e.g.:
     o  Availability of new drive technologies, e.g. electric and hybrid drives
     o  Influence of the technology development in other industries, e.g. automotive and heavy trucks
     o  Future development of existing technologies (hydraulic hybrid technologies)
     o  Required reduction of emissions and fuel consumption
     o  Automation of mobile machine
  • Which requirements we have in the future concerning energy efficiency and connectivity?
    Which consequences will this have on drive components and systems, as well as for measurement and control technology
  • Which machines with new concepts for drive and working functions are to be expected?
  • Which new solutions for driving and working functions are available on the supplier side?
  • What is the roadmap for the different drive technologies for mobile working machines developed until 2020 and 2025?
  • Markets and market growth for future drive technologies and related technologies    


The scope of the study

The focus of the study is in the following industries and machine types.

IndustriesMachine types (Examples)
Construction machines
  • Excavators
  • Wheel loaders
  • Road building equipment
Agricultural machines
  • Tractors
  • Harvesters
  • Sprayers
  • Implements/Robots
Material handling equipment
  • Forklift trucks
  • Aerial work platforms
  • Mobile cranes
  • Telehandlers


Power, drive and work technologies and auxiliaries

The study analysed applications for existing and new technologies for the different power, drive and work technologies and auxiliaries.

Power technologiesDrive technologiesWork technologiesAuxiliaries
  • Combustion engines
  • Fuel cells
  • Electric drive technology
  • Hybrid technology
  • Transmissions
    o Manual transmissions
    o  Dual-clutch transmissions
    o  Powersplit
  • Planetary gears
  • Electrical drives
  • Electromechanical actuators
  • Hydraulics
    o    Pumps
    o    Valves/Valve blocks
    o    Motors
    o    Cylinders
  • Hitch
  • Electro hydraulics
  • Electric linear drives
  • Cooling
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Electric steering
  • Hydrostatic fan
  • Electric fan
  • Visco fan



The study covers the following regions and countries:

RegionsCountries (Examples)
EuropeGermany, France, Italy, Sweden and Great Britain
AmericaUSA, Canada and Brazil
AsiaChina, South Korea, Japan and India

Power technologies were analysed for the individual regions and countries. Drive and work technologies and auxiliaries were investigated globally.


The study covers the following topics for construction, agricultural and materials handling machines:

  • Drivers for new drive technologies
  • The tipping point for future drive technologies
  • Machines with new drive concepts
  • Worldwide machine production
  • Electrification and hybridization
  • The potential for prime movers
  • The potentials for drive technology, hydraulics, and auxiliary systems


With this study we offer you the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive figures on the worldwide production of mobile machines today and 2020/2025 by machine types and performance classes and countries
  • Display of existing machines with an electric or hybrid drive
  • Detailed technology scenario and potentials according to machine types, performance classes and related machine functions:
     o  Drive units (e.g prime movers)
     o  Drive technology (e.g. gears)
     o  Working hydraulics (e.g. electrohydraulics)
     o  Auxiliary drives

With this study, a SWOT analysis of future opportunities and risks can be developed for your company, and the potential for future products can be presented.

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