Guiding Technology Pioneers Towards Global Success

Investing in the Future

We are committed to being at the cutting edge of technological innovation. Our enthusiasm goes beyond mere consultation; we actively engage with promising startups, especially those leading the way in AI and robotics.

Our portfolio boasts collaborations with esteemed startups from Silicon Valley to the burgeoning AI and robotics sectors in Germany and Switzerland.

For select companies, our support extends to equity-based involvement, allowing us to contribute not just our know-how but also a tangible stake in their success. By harnessing our expansive network and rich experience, we empower these pioneers to reach new heights.

How We Help Startups Scale

Pipeline Growth

  • Identify and engage matching key decision makers to build-up a robust sales pipeline and scale effectively


  • Identification and priorization of key markets, applications and product features

  • Pricing strategies


  • Potentials and requirements in new geographies, customizing strategies for Europe and China based on the company's origin and target market requirements

  • Localization of products and messaging

  • Navigation of the local regulatory environment

  • Actionable strategies to capitalise on these opportunities


  • Arrange and manage strategic partnerships


  • Advice on an equity basis

  • Assistance in crafting a compelling business plan

  • Connect with potential strategic and financial investors

From visiting the factories of Chinese electronic contract manufacturers to speaking to the leading German car manufacturers and on to having some of Germany’s best newspapers cover our brand, Georg and his team have been invaluable partners. With Stieler in your corner, you get specific info and direct access to decision makers. That makes all the difference.

Dr. Prasad Akella
Founder, CEO and Chairman, Drishti Technologies, Inc.

Collaborations with New Ventures


Deltia (AI and Computer Vision-based insights for shopfloor operations)

Isochronic (Software-driven simultaneous pick & place robotics)


Drishti (Global pioneer in AI-based action recognition)

Seegrid (Autonomous Mobile Robots)

NAWARO BioEnergie AG (Biogas at industrial scale)